Give you and your hair life.

There are few things better than a good hair mask.

After all, what other product can take dry, dull locks and give them salon-worthy bounce and luminosity win a matter of minutes? The right ingredients can fortify fried strands, slick down split ends, and leave parched parts downright quenched. So it’s time you gave yourself and your hair life with the Beauty Protector Protect&Treat mask.
The ultra-nourishing hair mask is loaded with the powerful protection of antioxidants such as argan oil, amber, and crushed pearls to deeply condition, rejuvenate and protect that youthful glow so it doesn’t stop at your hairline, but shines all the way to your ends.
The Protect&Treat is formulated to revive all hair types in minutes but will have your strands feeling indulged in moisture, softness, and shine for days!
This is a must-have mask that your hair will thank you for. #EverydayWe’reMasking

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