Tame Your Mane with Protect&Oil

Stop everything. You need this in your life.

The frizzy hair struggle is real.

Whether it’s pesky flyaways that gather like a halo, or the full-bodied frizz that coats your locks, keeping things smooth and sleek when you’re plagued by frizz is difficult. But what if we told you that we have the fairytale ending to all of your frizzy hair days?

Meet Protect&Oil, A.K.A the smooth operator.

This is your new frizz-fighting friend; the do-it-all product that does-it-all for every hair type.

Tame your mane with Protect&Oil

Before we jump into how the Protect&Oil is going to tame your mane, let’s break down the frizz basics.

From humidity to dehydration and genetics, there is a list of combinations that can be contributing to your frizz. But, the root of the cause is always the same: a raised cuticle along the outer layer of the hair shaft. The cuticle layer, which forms the protective outermost layer of the hair shaft, is made up of scale-like protein parts that all overlap each other. When these get roughed-up and become raised, as opposed to laying flat and smooth, frizz happens.

This is where the Protect&Oil comes in. The hydrating moisturizer and intoxicating scent is everything you need to be frizz free and protected. Thanks to its star ingredient - argan oil – it protects against UV rays and heat damage, tames flyaways, boosts moisture, and strengthens and nourishes even the thirstiest of tresses.

Are you ready to tame your mane and embark on a frizz-free life?



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