Meet Protect&Detangle

She’s one to remember, trust us.

Brushing, blow drying, twirling, heat styling—we put our hair through a lot. But, what if we told you that you could slay it safe and take your locks from knotty to nice? Yes, you heard that right. We’re talking as easy as shake, spray, and slay, thanks to the cult-favorite (and our claim to fame), Protect&Detangle.


So what is it about this one product that has everyone hooked? The Beauty Protector OG styling product is what you reach for when you want effortlessly, chic, undone, but done hair. The weightless, non-greasy, good for-all-hair-types detangler gives you and your locks instant-gratification by perfectly sealing the cuticles of each strand to boost shine, smooth and moisturize, fight frizz and provide protection against UV rays and heat, while safeguarding your color. 


Not only will you be looking good, and not brushing out your hair for four hours, but the intoxicating signature Beauty Protector fragrance will have those around you coming up close to say “You smell f----ing amazing!”

So how does it work?

Just shampoo, condition, and towel dry hair. Then, hold the Protect&Detangle bottle four to six inches away from your scalp, and spray a few times.  Comb through hair to evenly distribute, and style as desired.

It’s officially time to say bye felicia 👋 to breakage and stay #protectedAF. We got you.


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