Put Your Best Follicle Forward

Minimize Wear & Tear On Your Hair With This One Product

Healthy hair requires a lot of things, but topping that list has to be avoiding heat. For this reason, using a thermal protector is an essential part of any hair care regimen. Yes, we're looking at all of you who use a blow-dryer, curling iron or flat irons. All of these hot tools weaken and destroy vital proteins in your hair, as well as deplete your hair's natural oils. That means frequent use of them requires extra maintenance.

But, have no fear. That's where our award-winning Protect&Detangle comes in. Not only does this formula create a barrier between your hair and any hot tools, even the sun, but it also detangles, conditions and nourishes the hair shaft. Plus, it's good for all hair types.

Another step to protect your strands from heat damage is to use a cooler temperature when blow drying. Even though it may take longer, the cooler temperature will help close the cuticle and make your hair extra shiny.

Are you ready to put your best follicle forward?

Damage already done? Don’t panic, 10 minutes with our Protect&Treat mask will repair and restore your hair so that you can start over.


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